An editor for non-linear code manipulations
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Edit text files containing code architecture for programming. Multiple parts of the code are accessible at the same time with options such as snippet insertion and management, automated character pairing, syntax highlighting and coloring theme management.

Intype is a simple but powerful and intuitive code editor. Whether you are a programmer or a designer, the production of code and markup is hard work.
That's why is very important to have a versatile code editor to help you in this job. Intype is one of those, and with this application you will be able to write code in different programming languages using the same interface.

One of the key features of Intype is the "Bundles" option; this will help you to insert regular code lines in every programming language. The languages supported are: C, C++, CSS, DOM, HTML, Jasmine, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, PropertyList, Phyton, Rails, reStructuredText, Ruby, SQL, Texttile, XML, YAML.

Other features of Intype are:
- Open multiple files on its tabbed interfaced. Work with as many files as you want.
- Convert text strings to lowercase or uppercase. Useful feature specially when you are writing programming code.
- Insert indentations or delete them on your code. As a good programmer, you know that having indentations in your code will make it easier to read and understand it.
- Find and replace advanced function using regular expressions.
- Autocomplete advanced function. For example, if you write the word "table" relative to HTML and you press tab key, Intype will display its properties llike border, cellspacing, cellpadding, etc.

Daniel Mantilla
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